Medi Stays are our speciality

Travelling Patients

Direct hospital access from Essence via our level 1 exit to The Prince Charles and St Vincent's Private Hospital grounds.

When you’re suffering from an illness or injury, sometimes it’s not possible to access the medical treatment you need close to home – especially if you live in a remote area. If this is the case, you may need to travel to the nearest city or regional centre where the treatment you need is available.

Accommodation benefits are designed to cover the cost of accommodation near to the place of treatment for the patient and a carer. This refers to accommodation in a hotel (not the hospital). This cover can help to assist with the cost of staying overnight and accessing the medical or hospital treatment you require.

At Essence Apartments Chermside we participate in The Queensland Health Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme and we also provide accommodation receipts for your private health fund to claim post your stay with us.

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS)

Essence Apartments Chermside participates in the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS).  You can enjoy preferred accommodation rates for all Medi Stays, including GAP only accommodation packages*
For more information about the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme Queensland and how to apply, please call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84), speak with your specialist, or contact your local hospital - Patient Travel Office. *The subsidy applies to approved patient and carer (escort), with eligibility criteria in place. Pre- approval of PTSS accommodation must be issued to Essence Suites Taringa prior to arrival.

Private Health Patients

The good news is that if you have private health insurance cover, your policy may provide cover for your medical-related travel and accommodation costs.

Please contact your Private Health funds to inquire about $150 accommodation subsidy.


Campanion Angels 

Travelling alone for medical purposes, and need a carers assistance?  Campanion Angels specialises in compassionate, professional and confidential service, offering support and peace of mind knowing someone is there after your hospital  procedure to care for you overnight. From $699.00* T&C apply

Overnight support at Essence Apartments Chermside post surgery includes:

Settling into their 1 Bedroom Apartment at Essence Apartments Chermside. Enjoying complimentary Grab & Go Breakfast, car parking, Free WiFi and Foxtel.

Receive discharge summary for afterhours contacts/emergencies

Assisting patient with staying comfortable/arranging meals/ordering deliveroo room service* 

Asleep care - bed at 10pm, with a touch point if recommended by the doctor

Additional support from 6am to assist with preparation for discharge at 7am, (including packing their belongings up for them).

Companion Angels will have minimum training of first aid cert/CPR and a current police check

Services not included

As this is a companion service, the carers will not administer medication.  Should this be a requirement we can gladly provide a trained personal Care Angel with these qualifications at an extra cost.

Should the patient wake more than once there will be an additional fee of $51.50 per wake


Simply call Angels in Aprons P 3356 2563 to provide your details or patients details

Paid directly to Angels in Aprons min 48 hours required for bookings.